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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Best Photonics Journal Paper Award - Archive of winners

Best Doctoral Thesis Award - Archive of winners

  • 2012 Davide Visani (XXIV Ciclo, University of Bologna) "Fiber-Optic Technologies for Wireline and Wireless In-building Networks"

  • 2011 not assigned

  • 2010 Vito Sorianello (XXII Ciclo - Università di Roma Tre) "Germanium on Silicon near infrared  photodetectors"

  • 2009 Melania Paturzo (XX Ciclo, Università di Firenze) "Optical devices based on micro-engineered lithium niobate crystals: from material characterization to experimental demonstrations"

  • 2009 Pierluigi Pilla (XX Ciclo, Università del Sannio - Benevento) "Modal Transition in Nano-sized High Refractive Index Coated Long Period Gratings: Principles and Applications to Chemical Sensing"

  • 2008 Domenico Donisi (XX Ciclo, Sapienza Università di Roma) "Advanced photonic components based on holographic gratings for optical communications, environmental monitoring systems and biophotonics"

  • 2007 Mauro Benedetti (XVIII Ciclo, University of Pavia) "Crittografia ottica caotica "

  • 2007 Marco Consales (XIX Ciclo, University of Sannio, Benevento) "Opto-chemical sensors based on carbon nanotubes"

  • 2006 Agostino Iadicicco (XVII Ciclo, University of Sannio ): 'Micro-Structured Fiber Bragg Gratings for Sensing and Communication Applications'

  • 2005 Aldo Minardo (XVI Ciclo, Second University of Naples): 'Fiber-optic distributed strain/temperature sensors based on stimulated Brillouin scattering'

  • 2004 Campopiano Stefania (XV Ciclo, Second University of Naples): 'Integrated antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides for sensing application'

  • 2004 Guandalini Annalisa (XV Ciclo,University of Pavia): 'Impulsi laser ultracorti: materiali, tecniche di generazione ed applicazioni' 

  • 2003 Anna Pizzinat (XV Ciclo, University of Padova ): 'Analysis and Mitigation of Dispersive Effects in Optical communication Systems'

  • 2002 not assigned

  • 2001 Michele Norgia (XIII Ciclo, University of Pavia ): 'Injection Photodetection and its Applications to Interferometry'

  • 2001 Romeo Benini (XII Ciclo, Second University of Naples): 'An optical sensing technique for dopant profiling in microelectronics and optoelectronics'

  • 2000 Andrea Irace (XI Ciclo, University of Naples): 'Thermooptics switching silicon'

  • 1999 Gianmarco Rossi (XI Ciclo, CSELT and University of Pavia): 'Tunable quaternary DFL lasers for FO/TLC'
Best Doctoral Thesis Award 2013
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Best Photonics Journal Paper Award 2009
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