Call for papers


2nd Topical Meeting on

Optoelectronic Distance / Displacement Measurements and Applications

May 20-22, 1999

University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy

Promoted by: IEEE LEOS - Laser and Electro-Optics Society, Italian Chapter
Sponsored by: EOS - European Optical Society
IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement TC-16
Gruppo Specialistico Optoelettronica AEI
SIOF - Societa' Italiana di Ottica e Fotonica
IEEE North Italy Chapter
Organized by: Università di Pavia
AEI - Associazione Elettrotecnica e Elettronica Italiana



    This Topical Meeting is the second edition after that held in Nantes, 1997, and is aimed at bringing together scientists and engineers involved in academic and industrial research on Laser Distance and/or Displacement Measurements and related applications. The scientific program of the meeting will be complemented by a technical exhibition.
    Pavia is conveniently located 30 km south of Milano and is well connected by train and highway to Airports and major cities. It features a renaissance downtown with several architecture masterpieces and is amid the Oltrepo' fine winery zone.
    Afterhours and accompanying person programmes will be announced.
    The book of ODIMAP Proceeding will be registered as a publication.
    After the meeting, a selection of papers presented to ODIMAP II will be proposed for publication on an international journal as a Special Issue (see Journal of Optics, april 1998 for Odimap I).

    ODIMAP II is held in conjuction with IMTC'99,16th IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Venice, May 24-26, 1999, see announcement at:


    Laser rangefinding techniques Laser displacement measurements

    and related applications to :

    - Absolute Distance Measurements
    - Modal Analysis
    - Profile Measurements and Level Control
    - Automotive Safety
    - 3-D vision
    - Sensor Integration
    - Vibrations Measurements
    - Proximity Measurements
    - Non Destructive Control
    - Optical Inspection
    - Velocimetry
    - Smart Sensors


    International Steering Committee:

    S. Donati, University of Pavia (Chair)
    T. Bosch, Ecole des Mines de Nantes
    R. Dändliker, University of Neuchatel
    G. Häusler, University of Erlangen
    H. Tiziani, University of Stuttgart

    Technical Programme Committee :

    T. Bosch, Ecole des Mines of Nantes, Fr
    R. Dändliker, University of Neuchatel, CH
    F. Docchio, University of Brescia, I
    S. Donati, University of Pavia, It
    K.T.V. Grattan, City Univers. of London, UK
    P. J. de Groot, Zygo, USA
    G. Häusler, University of Erlangen, D
    J. Kalisz, Military Academy, PL
    G. Kompa, University of Kassel, D
    H. Lamela, University Carlos III, Madrid, E
    M. Lescure, ENSEEIHT, France
    J. M. Lopez-Higuera, University of Cantabria, E
    S. Merlo, University of Pavia, I
    R. Myllylä, University of Oulu, FL
    O. Parriaux, University of St-Etienne, F
    G.T. Reid, Office of Sc. and Techn.,UK
    M. Rioux, National Research Council, CAN
    H. Tiziani, University of Stuttgart, D
    E. Wagner, Fraunhofer Institute, D

    Local Organizing Committee:

    G. Lucchini, AEI, Milano
    D. Fioramonti, AEI, Milano


    G. Giuliani, University of Pavia

    Electronics Department, v.Ferrata 1 27100 Pavia, Italy;
    fax: +39 0382 422 583;


    After notification of acceptance by january 30, the final paper in camera-ready format is requested by march 25, 1999.
    You can download template for paper preparation:
     Download template

    Authors are kindly requested to use the downloadable file for preparation of the final manuscript version for ODIMAP II.
    Detailed instructions about paper format and shipment are contained within the text. In the case you cannot open the above file, please contact ODIMAP II secretary at the e-mail address

    The paper will be written using Times New Roman font (if not available, use Times font), size 14 pt, single line spacing, justified, no indent, sigle column. Font size has been chosen according to the requirement imposed by photographic size reduction to 70% before printing.
    Title of Paper: Times New Roman 18 pt bold with Capital Initial Letters;
    Authors name: Times New Roman 14 pt bold, authors' affiliation: Times New
    Roman 12 pt. Abstract: up to 7 lines Times New Roman 12 pt bold.
    Formulae are aligned left and formulae number within () is at right end of line.

    Contributed papers must not exceed 6 printed pages (12 pages for invited papers), including figures, tables and references. Pages should not be numbered. Paper sheet must be A4, and printed area must be 16 cm (6.29 in) wide and 24 cm (9.44 in) high.

    Authors must generate one single file, including: title, authors’ address, abstract, text, equations, figures, tables and references. The file format must be one of the following: Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows 3.x, Microsoft Word 7.0 for Windows 95, Microsoft Word 97 for Windows 95/98. Apple MacIntosh users and other word processors users are requested to convert
    their file to one of the above formats before sending.

    Authors must send:
    - one single-sided original camera-ready hard copy of the manuscript;
    - manuscript file on a PC-compatible diskette (specify word processor version, use winzip or pkzip to compress if necessary); to the following address:

    ODIMAP II Secretariat
    c/o Guido Giuliani
    Dipartimento di Elettronica
    Università di Pavia
    Via Ferrata 1
    I-27100 Pavia

    The deadline for submission is March 25th, 1999. Failure to submit within this date will prevent accepted papers from being published in the Odimap II Proceedings.
    For any questions, contact Conference secretary at:


    Please print, fill-in and send by fax the REGISTRATION FORM.

    Members, IEEE, AEI and affiliates:

    Lit.450.000 or EURO 225 (after april 20, 1999 and at the meeting), Lit. 400.000 or EURO 200 (before april 20);


    Lit. 550.000 or EURO 275 (after april 20, and at the meeting), Lit. 500.000 or EURO 250 (before april 20);


    Lit. 250.000 or EURO 125 (after april 20, 1999 and at the meeting), Lit. 200.000 or EURO 100 (before april 20)

    Fees entitle you to Proceeding volume, coffee-breaks and social dinner. Amounts are in exemption of VAT as per Italian fiscal law for members of promotors or sponsoring Organization. Non-members can make a semester application to LEOS paying $57.50 on site.

    An Exhibition will run parallel to the Meeting. Info: AEI - Morandi 2, 20121 Milano, fax +39 02 798817, e-mail: