Workshop on " Fibre Optic Passive Components"

September 18 and 19, 1998 Pavia - Italy

Promoted and organized by: LEOS Italian Chapter
Supported by: Gruppo Specialistico Optoelettronica - AEI _____________________________________________________________________________________________________




WFOPC is intended to provide an international forum for experts and professionals on the latest developments in the field of fibre optic passive components, covering technological, designing, measuring, reliability, packaging and standardisation issues.


The workshop will consist of one and a half day of oral presentations with contributed and invited papers. If the contributed papers will exceed the allocable number, a poster session could be added.

WFOPC'98 INVITED PAPERS Performances and applications of microoptic devices Garry Duck, JDS, Ottawa, Canada Dispersion compensation techniques: DCF vs. FOG R. Laming , University of Southampton, UK A. Zuccala et al., Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi, Milano, Italy System applications of fibre optic passive components Alan Willner University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA Long and short period fibre optic gratings Tom Strasser, Lucent Techn., Murray Hill, USA Reliability of passive components Jan Ingenhof IOT, Germany Planar waveguide devices for WDM applications Katsunari Okamoto NTT, Tokai, Japan


Papers will cover original and not previously published results in passive optical components field, including but not restricted to the following topics:


Original, previously unpublished contributions are solicited on the topics listed above. Papers should be informative, with the objective clearly indicated and should concentrate on results. Presentation and discussion of papers will be in English.

Papers shall be 4 page s, including figures, tables, etc., on A4 format (21x29 cm) sheet ready for reproduction (down - sized to 70%). Prefer Times font, size 14, no spacing, no i ndent, single column, and leave 2 cm all around the text.

Title will be in boldface Times font 18, followed by author/s name and affiliation, and a summary of 30-50 words. Leave one space between paragraphs. Figure shall be incorporated in the text and each of them shall have a caption placed below it.No page numbering shall be added.

For any question please ask Secretariat.


The deadline for submission of papers is June 1, 1998.

Mail the original and one copy, with the full address of one of the authors, including telephone, fax, E-mail address and the categorisation number of your paper to


prof. V.Annovazzi-Lodi,

Dipartimento diElettronica,

viaFerrata , 1

27100 Pavia, Italy Tel: +39 382 505596 Fax:+39 382 422583

Electronic submission:

If your paper is complete in electronic format, you may send it by e-mail (uu or mime encoding) as an attachment in Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows 3.1 , Word 7for Windows ' 95 or Word 5 for Macintosh to:

With submission authors agree to their paper publication in the WFOPC'98 Proceedings, which will be registered as a regular publication and distributed to all participants.

The authors will be notified by E-mail and/or fax of the acceptance of their papers by July 15. No submitted material will be returned to the authors.

WFOPC'98 Technical Committee

G. Chiaretti             Italtel ( Italy )
L. Cognolato          CSELT ( Italy )
S. Donati                University of Pavia ( Italy )
N. Fabricius            IOT ( Germany )
B. Kawasaki           JDS FITEL ( Canada )
F. Kapron               Bellcore (USA)
R. Kashyap             BT Labs ( UK )
P. Lagasse              University of Gent ( Belgium )
H. Lefevre              Photonetics ( France )
H. Limberger          EPFL (Switzerland)
A. Pianciola            Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi ( Italy )
S. Sumida               NTT ( Japan )
T. Tambosso          CSELT ( Italy )
J. Marti                  Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

WFOPC'98 Organizing Committee

Chairman: Silvano Donati
University of Pavia, Italy

Secretariat: Valerio Annovazzi Lodi
University of Pavia, Italy